• Tonika Outerbridge

How To Clear Your Mind

Updated: Feb 11

Meditation helps you to get a handle on stress on so many levels. With consistent meditation practices you can balance and regulate:

• rational / intellect mindsets

• emotions

• physiological concerns such as heart and blood pressure

Eliminate all thought by training your focus on one aspect of your breathing exclusively.

Step 1: Select a location where you won’t be distracted or disturbed – turn off all gadgets and notifications

Step 2: Sit for maximum comfort but not so comfortable you fall asleep

Step 3: Slowly shut your eyes

Step 4: Take 3 deep breaths quickly. Expand your lungs and abdomen fully. Take another 3 deep breaths at a slower pace. Keep breathing in sets of 3’s with each set involving a slower and slower pace. Let yourself RELAX.

Step 5: After you’ve relaxed enough, breathe in very slowly and ‘observe’ the air get into your nostrils, down your lungs, and your diaphragm. Hold for a few seconds then observe it going in the other direction. Do this at an increasingly slower pace for several times.

Step 6: Shift your mind’s eye to the air going in and out of your nostrils. Eventually focus on the narrow point of skin that feels the air enter and leave your nostrils. Keep narrowing your mind’s eye’s focus until you isolate the specific point. Keep your mind trained on this alone.

Step 7: When you get closer to the end of your session, allow your breaths to get more shallow and faster, train your mind’s eye to the rest of your body slowly until you become ‘fully aware’ of your surroundings and your body and slowly open your eyes – take care not to shock your eyes due to the light – slowly open them.

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